Why This Website?

Trevor Lewis, Josh Jones, and Colin South
  We are Alyssa Benson and Brooke Smith and we are currently in Dr. Andrea Frantz' Sports Reporting class at Robert Morris University for the Spring 2011 semester. After working together on a previous project we decided to work together for our final project as well. When thinking of topics for this project, we both decided on something hockey related since we both have a passion for the sport.
  After talking with one player on the RMU men's hockey team, we learned that members of the team participate in camps with little kids from the surrounding areas. We both agreed that this would be a great idea because not many people know that the team does these camps throughout the season. When talking to the players we realized these camps have had a large impact on the players and it also makes them remember when they were these kids ages and where they have come from.
  All photos on this site were taken by us, after receiving parents permission to photograph their children. We would like to thank Nick Chiavetta, Brendan Jamison, Josh Jones, Trevor Lewis, and Colin South for taking time out of their busy schedules for interviews and for allowing us to visit the camps they worked at as well.